Dora Debeljak


No. of pages: 180
Format: A5
Paperback: ISBN 978-961-276-106-6


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This story is a sincere avowal of a mother and daughter… a story, adressed to all human beings, regardless of sex or age …to all, who believe in love… in dejavu-s…to all, who still keep the child within themselves..to all those growing up, who feel that their troubles with their parents can never be mastered…to all parents, who cannot figure out what they have done wrong to have become estranged with their children… ±^
This book is meant for every fan of any star, considering themselves crazy for loving a person on a poster, attached to a wall, in a CD or on the movie screen…there are so many of us and it is time to stop hiding and pretending…to stop letting others trying to teach us better, that these emotions aren’t real, that they do not exist and that we live in the clouds…
This book is meant for everyone, seeking answers to the meaning of life and Love…who want to see the other side…test their beliefs and find their own truth…
This book is meant for all dyslexics, who face rejection because they are different and end up thinking something is wrong with them.Jor all mothers, who despite that believe in the abilities of their children and encourage them to shine in their entirety…
This book is meant for the entire human race…because we are all people…everyone has a past, that needs to be dealt with…a future, that can be looked forward to, if allowed to take us, where we are supposed to go…because there is enough love for all…



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D. Debeljak - Diagnosis: Reincarnation ENG

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