Maria Tomman

OPTIMALISM – The best foundation for globalisation.

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OPTIMALISM – The best foundation for globlisation.

V The guiding principle “ we always act in the best interestof the entire universe “ forms the concise form of the essence of optimalism. This simple sentence is the verbalised original vibration of the universe that can also be called the original God’s thought or God’s will. A sentence that forms the basis of the miraculous order of the micro and macro cosmos. The book provides a simple and clear explanation of why and how the application of this guiding principle benefits all individuals in steering their lives in the best possible direction and how thus also the collective mental energy is strengthened, which consequently encourages and enables the merging of interests of individuals and the community and their harmonisation in the best interest of all. The perhaps most important message of the book is that we as individuals are not powerless and that we can influence improved conditions both in our own environment and also more broadly.

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M. Toman, Optimalism

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